About IFC

About IFC

International Financial Consultants (IFC) is an independent Dubai-based consultancy firm that offers tailor made solutions as well as consulting services to leading organizations in the private and public sectors. The firm’s main expertise lies in business development strategies, financial products distribution strategy and relationship building, mainly focusing on the Sovereign Wealth Funds and institutional clients in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

IFC is the first consultancy house in the MENA region dedicated to the Sovereign Wealth Funds with the aim to create value for our stakeholders:

  • We offer our clients advice on how best to access the investors in the MENA region in a professional, timely and cost effective manner. We give advice on how to structure presentations, terms and how best to communicate the unique aspects of our client’s strategy. IFC also provides market intelligence and accurate insight on market trends as well as offering an educated opinion to determine the opportunity for success. Our team of consultants allows our clients to communicate their proposition to the top institutional investors and family offices.
  • We offer our investors accurate market trends and insight by constantly renewing our knowledge base. We aim to identify new and profitable investment opportunities and make sure they fit their investment mandate and strategy. Through this process, IFC helps our investors preserve, attain and maintain leadership positions in their respective countries.

Our code of ethics is unequivocal when it comes to our relationship with our investors and our clients. IFC believes in fostering corporate governance, and everything we do revolves around an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our areas of expertise extend to the following fields:

  • Asset Management: Independent advisory services and capital raising advice for private fund sponsors in the following areas: fund of funds, hedge funds, listed equities, fixed income, private equity and venture capital.
  • Corporate Advisory: Mergers and acquisitions, strategic divestitures and equity capital market advice.

IFC usually works in partnerships with investment banks, engineering and legal firms, on the up-front analysis and planning for the development of major capital extensive projects in the areas of industrial and infrastructure, real estate, technology, and conventional and renewable power.


We give you the tools to help you access the investors in the MENA region in a professional, timely and cost effective manner